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"Pie Lady". YUM!

RESTAURANTS AND SHOPPING: The stores, the vendors on the beach, the restaurants, the tour guides, the casa managers, the fishermen, the internet café, and the local artists are family businesses that depend on tourism for a living. People are eager to help and appreciate your tips, but are gracious if you prefer to do it yourself. Many do speak English, but also appreciate your efforts to speak Spanish and will help if you wish. There are many restaurants (although only a few are open year round) and a partial listing appears below. The food is delicious, fresh, safe, and inexpensive, but it is best to drink bottled water! Compared to restaurant prices in the States, you will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost of meals.

The local FREE MEDICAL CLINIC provides reasonable care by a qualified doctor who will treat most minor problems – and are grateful for your donation! There is a small pharmacy in town.

GROCERY STORES in Yelapa are small family businesses and while they stock fresh fruits and vegetables, ice, frozen meats, and familiar sodas, bottled water, beers, alcoholic beverages, and household products – the majority of canned and packaged foods are Mexican, though you may recognize a few as American standards with different labeling. There is a small grocery across from Manguitas, a short walk from the casa and several others within a 10 to 20 minute stroll – at the beach and in the pueblo (village).

Access to the INTERNET is only a short walk away to a new INTERNET PATIO where there are six laptops in an open, covered casa patio, available for your use at only 10 pesos ($1) per hour. Other internet cafes are located around town, and free wi-fi is available at some restaurants.  For LONG DISTANCE CALLS, we recommend PHONE CARDS which are readily available in all the stores and will allow you to call anywhere in N. America for a fraction of the cost of a cell phone, credit or collect calls.


Casa Mares is a great place for immersion Spanish. Located above the family home, you will have many opportunities to speak and hear Spanish. This casa has one of the best views of Yelapa Bay, but requires a long steep climb from the village. It has a living area, deck, separate bedroom with double bed, bathroom with shower, and kitchen with refrigerator/ freezer, but no hot water or gas. Rates: $35 U.S. dollars per night.

Casa Libélula is located near town and sleeps 3. There are both double and single beds and 2 hammocks. There is a refrigerator and hot shower. Rates: $35 US dollars per night or $500 per month.


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