Getting to Yelapa

Banderas Bay in old Puerto Vallarta was made famous by the film, Night of the Iguana. The Bay of Yelapa is a 45 minute water taxi ride from the pier.
Before you get off at Yelapa Beach, roll up your pant legs, take off your shoes, and let them help you with your luggage. You are in Yelapa!
Yelapa is located in Banderas Bay (the bay of Puerto Vallarta) in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains on the same latitude as Hawaii. To get to Yelapa, fly into Puerto Vallarta International Airport. On the flight in, you will be given customs documents to complete. Be sure to have a pen handy, because they are not provided. Your destination is Casa Irene, Yelapa, JA MX.

After you get through customs, go out through the doors to the airport lobby. You will be greeted by a gauntlet of people wanting to entice you to hotels and time shares in Puerto Vallarta! Move through them to the Yellow Cabs and ask to be taken to Los Muertos Pier in old Puerto Vallarta. You will need about 200 to 250 pesos for the ride ($20-$25).

NOTE: A new pier is being built to replace the old Los Muertos Pier. While the pier is under construction, you may find it easier to take a taxi or bus from the airport to Boca de Tomatlan, although embarking and disembarking at the beach in Puerto Vallarta is perfectly doable and the staff works hard to help with luggage and get you on and off safely – if with wet feet! We’ll let you know as soon as we do that the new pier is in use. The taxi from Boca to Yelapa is $5 (50 pesos), but the ride to Boca by cab will be more pricey. They are using new buses for this trip, so if you take a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Puerto Vallarta and take the bus from there, it is a reasonable and beautiful half hour bus ride. Water taxi’s leave from Boca for Yelapa about every hour until 6 PM and there is also a restaurant on the beach to satisfy your hunger (or thirst) while you wait for the next boat. Although it is lovely, I don’t recommend waiting on the beach because the sand flies in Boca can leave a nasty bite!

You can change your dollars to pesos at the airport, but the rate is usually better in town. There are money changers on the main street near the pier. The last water taxi leaves between 4 and 4:30 P.M. If you are early, the restaurant by the pier will hold your luggage while you enjoy a meal, drink or a trip to the money changer. They will take your things to the taxi for a small tip. If you miss the taxi, you can usually find someone to take you to Yelapa, but it will cost you much more than the 100 pesos ($10) for the water taxi.

You will be met at the beach (designate near Fanny’s Restaurant or the hotel pier) and your bags will be taken to Casa Irene. We have to make arrangements in advance, so please be certain to let us know your arrival plans at least 2 days prior to your arrival date including arrival time and the number / size of the bags you are bringing.  The fee for transporting your bags via ATV to the casa is $15.  The closest stop to Casa Irene is the beach. If you have a pre-arranged time, you will be met at the beach and taken to Casa Irene, a lovely 15 minute walk up-river.

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